The project focuses around the clientele of Liverpool’s night life and displays an insight into a lifestyle of transience and innocence, depicting the drinking, dancing and revelling crowds.

Quayle is trying to gain a meaningful relationship with his subject matter and makes these photographs not as a photographer but as a fellow clubber, making the process of image making a shared and co-operative one.

As with all his work the camera has become an extension of his arm allowing for a minimal barrier between the camera and the subject matter. Concerned less with making any particular point but more with trying to capture a particular mood or feeling. The project at this point is rather organic and may end up taking a number of different paths.

Quayle’s aim is to make the series of photographs alike to reading a good novel. To look at the photographs and conjure up what they cannot show, the noise, heat and smells. To look at the photographs truly is to see the world and to feel the world within that captured moment.