Cammell Laird’s was founded in 1882, thousands of Ships have been repaired and built there, millions of people have been employed by Cammell Lairds and it has affected Merseyside and its people massively, providing jobs and security for over a 120 years. Cammell Lairds is now working for Ministry of Defence and has become a place of secrecy.

Quayle started looking at Cammell Lairds Ship yard 3 years ago and despite the strict rules of entering Cammell Lairds he has managed to construct a small series of images as a starting point for a larger body of work.

The sheer size of the yard, its sheds and the tools they use are amazingly intricate, huge and full of character, there is a mass amount of detail and colour in every inch of the yard and Quayle’s aim is to photograph it all.