Bunny’s House is an ongoing study of objects and living spaces as ultimate descriptors of the people who inhabit them.

John-Lloyd Quayle’s great Aunt Bunny died in 1998. Sometime after her passing, her son bought her house and has continued to live there until this day. Anchored by the revelation of family secrets, Quayle began to photograph the interior decoration of Bunny’s house - brass wall ornaments, plastic flowers, ornately framed family photographs and paintings and coats placed on hooks that have not been moved in over 16 years are all captured here, without interference, against a rich coloured backdrop of painted walls and textured wallpapers.

The decoration of Bunny’s house pre-dates the time of her death, and her family’s preservation of the objects she chose to decorate her living space with, whilst a touching tribute, also highlight a potential reluctance to move forward and disassociate memories of a loved one from the physical possessions they leave behind.